​Anderson Quarter Horses ceased formal operations and closed its quarter horse breeding and sales business on June 30, 2014.

The AQH Foundation broodmare Bull N Magic, dam of 13 foals, was euthanized due to complications of severe arthritis, and Doc Bar Maid followed soon after due to Cushing's Disease. Here are our remaining mares.


​​​​​​Magics Coosa Nicki {"Nicki"), Estrellita de Magica ("Princess"), Color Me Magical ("Wende"), Color Me Coosanita ("Atonte"), and Blondys Zipette ("Zeepster") retired from the show ring and/or the breeding herd in 2014. Our two lesson ponies, One Wish ("Wishie") and Cribaris Champagne Wishes ("Peanut"), followed suit. They will all live out their lives on greener pastures and under sunnier skies at our Hidden Acres retirement rescue.

Here's a little more about each of them!

Magics Coosa Nicki


One Tuff Act x Bull N Magic

Born: 1996

Nicki is the award-winning, half sister to our stallion Mr Magic Zip, but her show career was cut short due to a tragic illness that left her completely blind. As daughter of our late Foundation broodmare, Bull N Magic, this fabulous mare stole our hearts with her tenacity and spirit that shined through inspite of adversity. Nicki also made the same deep impression on the veterinarians and staff at Cornell University who treated her between 1997 and 2014, and now on those in North Carolina.

Raised in a pasture herd environment, Nicki's capacity for understanding and trust of humans was a surprise and a blessing as daily treatments for her eyes were neccessary for the early part of her life. As a show horse, she trusted her humans and that resulted in many wins in the show ring. After becoming completely blind, she became a broodmare at AQH, raising five foals: two stallions (Ima Winning Hustler and the late Ima Winning Playboy) and three gorgeous mares (Color Me Coosanita, Magical Winning Jane, and Winnie Ther Pooh).


Estrellita de Magica


One Tuff Act x Bull N Magic

Born: 1998

Princess is a gorgeous AQHA and PHBA Palomino mare and is the full-sister to Magics Coosa Nicki and daughter of Bull N Magic. Formerly a terrific show and lesson horse, Princess suffered a severe shoulder injury in 2012 that resulted in her retiring permanently. She acquired a PHBA ROM in Halter and Performance in Western and English events, and made an initial debut in Reining before coming off the show circuit. Due to her injury, Princess will live out her days as a retired mare at AQH.


Color Me Magical

Wende Lessons4.jpg 

Winning Colors x Bull N Magic

Born: 2002

Wende is a beautiful AQHA and PHBA Palomino mare and half-sister to Magics Coosa Nicki and daughter of Bull N Magic. With an early career as a lesson horse for children, Wende specilized in helping those kids who were frightened of other horses and those too scared to ride because of injury or a previous incident. Wende is known for her "magical" healing powers and helped rehabilitate many young people over the years to learn to love horses and riding again.

Wende is also a champion show horse, winning multiple high point titles in Western and English Pleasure, but her specialty remains Trail, both in and out of the ring. Today, she gives our grandchildren their first rides, and her owners the ability to keep riding even in retirement.


Color Me Coosanita


Winning Colors x Magics Coosa Nicki

Born: 2003

Atonte is an elegant AQHA and PHBA Palomino mare and granddaughter of our Foundation broodmare, Bull N Magic. With a special mama like Magics Coosa Nicki, Atonte learned to be kind and to glide effortlessly along with a rider on board, whether riding English or Western. She has also been active as a fancy pleasure driving horse and is fantastic at pulling a carriage. As a show horse, Atonte collected her line up of ribbons and trophies, but is now retired from the ring. Today, she's active as a trail horse and companion to her mother.


Blondys Zippette


Texas Zip x Sing A Serenade

Born: 1990

Besides the ponies (below), Zeepster is the only mare at Hidden Acres unrelated to our stallion, MR. She was intended to be his retirement companion, but after the passing of Bull N Magic and Doc Bar Maid, it became clear she would be the companion for our blind mare, Magics Coosa Nicki. Zeepster sports a powerful pedigree that includes Zippo Pat Bars, Poco Pine, Blondys Dude, and Skip's Bid. She is the dam of 12 foals, of which 9 were sired by Mr Magic Zip.


One Wish & Cribaris Champagne Wishes


Wishie and Peanut.jpg 

Wishie's Sire & Dam: Lianna's Saqqarah x Firefly's Fond Wishes

Born: 1999

Peanut's Sire & Dam: Holidays Sunset Dream x Gipsy Rose

Born: 1990

Anderson Quarter Horses added One Wish, a spirited little Welsh pony to its farm in 2003. Attitude aside, Wishie has been our granddaughter's pony since she was old enough to ride and Bronte' (as a 16-year-old) now towers above Wishie! 

Later, we added a companion pony to the herd, Cribaris Champagne Wishes, a.k.a. Peanut. Together the ponies keep their eye on the herd and keep younger grandchildren riding.


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